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Big Game

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Argentina has become one of the world’s premier hunting destinations, with a variety of habitats and climates that allows for year-round hunting. We can organize programs to combine big game hunting and wingshooting for every season.

OC Outfitters offers access to a full range of Argentina hunting. Huge trophies coupled with excellent value and sport make this the ultimate destination.

OC Outfitters hunts at two private and exclusive lodges, one located in Córdoba and the other in the Pampas. Valleys, hills and mountains in our estate hunting grounds in Córdoba render the ideal habitat for red stag, water buffalos, blackbuck, axis deer, fallow deer, wild goat and multi-horn sheep to roam and grow to amazing size.

This area provides challenging hunting opportunities for serious record-book quality animals. In the Pampas region, our clients will have the opportunity to hunt axis deer and blackbuck in a free range setting.

“All hunting is fair chase. Our success rate is 100%”